From 1993 to 2010, the Tribulation Trail ministry saw the salvation of more than 17,000 souls, more than 51,000 re-dedications to follow Christ, and made a tremendous spiritual impact on countless lives.

In 2014, Eastside Baptist Church agreed to give this ministry a new home. Tribulation Trail is a massive undertaking and supported by many volunteers from the Church community.  We are continually seeking the support of our local church community through volunteering, to help us continue, and expand this powerful outreach ministry.

Tribulation Trail is packed with thirteen, dramatic scenes containing actors vividly portraying the seven years of trials and tribulations outlined in the Book of Revelation. The Trail is held every Friday and Saturday night during October. Last year, almost 7,000 people crowded in with a result of 458 professions of faith and over 530 re-dedications.

At the final stop of the Trail, a brief salvation message is presented to the group and offers people the challenge and opportunity to decide to follow Jesus. After someone decides to follow Jesus, not only will the person’s home church be able to follow-up with them, beginning this year they will be able to be discipled through the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA). Our new partnership with the BGEA will allow decision-makers to grow in their relationship with Christ, via an online course, with a personal discipleship coach. God is continuing to bless and expand this wonderful, evangelistic ministry. Whether you are a guest or a volunteer, we appreciate your participation in Tribulation Trail.

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