Hello! And Happy Labor Day, Trib Trail Family!
For those of you who have partnered with us to pray about Trib Trail 2020, thank you! After much prayer, research, discussion, and deliberation, the Leadership team has decided to not produce the Trail this fall. We did not make that decision lightly. With the Covid guidelines implemented by Governor Kemp and the Rockdale County government’s enforcement of those guidelines, it became apparent that Trib Trail could not meet the demands of the Covid 19 safety measures and give the Trail guests the experience they expect and deserve. With that being said, we feel the weight of the responsibility to reach the communtiy with the gospel especially now that God has the attention of so many with the havoc and uncertainty caused by Covid-19. To further the spread of the Gospel, we will have the Metroplex video and other resources posted on the website throughout the month of October. We are asking for you to join us in the following efforts:
1. During the month of October, visit the website to view the Metroplex video and other resources and share those resources to reach those around you.

2. Recruit your friends and family for 2021 Tribulation Trail

3. Pray for the production of 2021: Tribulation Trail Unleashed: The Horsemen Ride
4. Please feel free to share any creative contributions with me! I love to collaborate with invested people!

5. Stay socially distanced, wear your mask, get some rest, and be ready to take Trib Trail to the next level and reach more people than ever in 2021!

order neurontin over the counter Why should I volunteer for Tribulation Trail?  Because people need Jesus. 

Barstow Where can I serve as a volunteer for
Tribulation Trail?
Thanks for your interest in volunteering for the Tribulation Trail! This event will not be possible without the efforts of many people stepping in.

In the coming days, we would love your prayers as our teams prepare for all God has in store this year.We invite you to apply to be a Volunteer.

In order to make the event possible, we need people who are willing to serve in various roles as many days as possible throughout the entire event.

The only volunteer positions for those under the age of 15 are acting/extras, which are cast by Director approval only.

Please attend a casting call with a legal guardian if you are under the age of 15.

http://hkbookkeeping.com/?cheap-nike-magista-ola-mens-indoor-football-futsal-trainers-white-green-orange-soccer-take-your_html Acting (speaking role):
Over 50 speaking roles. Please follow auditions scheduleCounseling: Introducing non-believers to Jesus Christ after they had heard and seen all 12 scenes of the TrailExtra (non-speaking role or ad lib): Please audition as soon as possible. Great for groups of friends.

Navigating groups of guests through the Trail from one scene to the next and offering relevant information to enhance the guest experience

Coordinating and organizing logistics, supplies, and any last minute details prior to and during the event hours of operations.

Manage traffic flow, guide guests to a parking spot, greet them and point them towards entrance and rest rooms.

Assisting guests as they wait in line for their turn to enter the Trail by forming and consolidating groups and interacting with guests to help set the tone in preparation for a life-changing experience.

Responsible for all the audio, visual, and set designTicketing: Assist guests with check in, answer their questions, and greet them with a smile as the first direct interaction with the Tribulation Trail

Volunteer Check-In:
Assisting our Volunteers to navigate to their assigned location once the check-in to serve the event and working with Guest group leaders to help make their visit easy and seamless

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